Beagles Bred & Sold For Experimentation.


Beagles are bred for and sold to establishments for their use in experimentation both in the UK and the Rest of the World.

In Vitro Experimentation More Reliable Than Animal Use?

There is much debate about the use of animals in research v non-animal.

There is much substantive scientific evidence, from respected global experts, that more reliable results can be achieved by testing in vitro, within a controlled laboratory environment – without using animals.

Launch of Run Free Alliance

Back in 2011, the, then National Secretary of Beagle Welfare, Christine Wynne, decided, with the approval of the Trustees of Beagle Welfare, to launch a nationwide campaign named RUN FREE, which was soon after also supported by The Beagle Association, The Beagle Club, The Welsh Beagle Club, The Northern & Midland Counties  Beagle Club and the Devon, Cornwall and South West Beagle Society.

An e-petition (which subsequently gained 147,000 signatures) was launched to present to HM Government, urging them to abolish the breeding for and use of Beagles for animal experimentation.

In September 2013, due to the resignation of Christine as the National Secretary of the Beagle Welfare Scheme (she was the Trustee who initiated and administered the campaign) the remaining Trustees requested that she took over running of Run Free under a new independent regime with the full approval and support of the Beagle Welfare Scheme.

Hence the RUN FREE ALLIANCE was established.


  • Stephen Farrington (Treasurer)
  • Anna Salt
  • Sharon Marie Claire Walsh

Non-Trustee Consultants : Christine Wynne and Sue Starkey


Patron : Christine Wynne – Founder of, and consultant to, Run Free Alliance

Additional, Non-Trustee, Management Team Members

  • Lizzie Walters
  • Louise Allerton
  • Nicola Challenger
  • Tracey Leech
  • Jayne Hilton

We are members of :

  • Stakeholder Group at the ASRU (Animals in Scientific Regulation Unit) at the UK Home Office.
  • All-party Parliamentary Dog Advisory Welfare Group (APDAWG)

Beagles.  Bred for Scientific Experimentation. Abolish experiments Using Animals.


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