Here are the facts and figures breakdown for Beagles used in research the UK in 2018 :

The number of Beagles used for the first time in 2018 was 2867 – up by 421 from 2017, which is very disappointing news.

The number of procedures undertaken in 2018 was 4314 – up by 609 procedures.

Under the SEVERITY heading which is ALL dogs (not just Beagles) :

12 Dogs suffered under ‘Non-recovery’ category
2 dogs suffered under the ‘Severe’ category, 1079  suffered under the ‘Moderate’ category, 3387 under the ‘Mild’ category and 1 under ‘Sub-threshold’.

A total of ALL dogs = 4481
* Definitions of these headings can be found within the spreadsheet.
The vast majority fall under the ‘Regulatory’ heading of ‘Experimental purpose of procedure’.

15 Beagles fall under the ‘Genetically altered with a harmful phenotype’ and this is an decrease of 1 Beagles from 2017,

Under ‘Source of animals used for the first time’

1886 were born in UK at a licenced establishment ( +731 on 2017)
80 were born in EU at a licenced establishment (- 10 on 2017)
901 were born in the Rest of the World (- 300 on 2017)
A total of 2867 Beagles 
Meaning 981 were transported into the UK for use in research.

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