We have been busy launching our new petition to ‘Make it mandatory to re-home ex-laboratory Beagles (and other species)’

PLEASE make sure you have signed it – we cannot have a chance of changing the law without your help and support.

There is no UK Law that says it must be done by the Research facilities, although there is an advice note issued by the Animals in Scientific Regulation Unit at the Home Office encouraging them to do so.

Run Free Alliance was named as a UK Charity on the advice note as a potential re-homing partner.

We were invited to attend, and give a presentation, at an event by run by APDAWG (All-Party Parliamentary Dog Advisory Welfare Group) in the Houses of Parliament at the end of February 2018. The event was hosted by Dr Lisa Cameron MP, along with Marc Abraham ( MarctheVet) and the actor, Peter Egan. Also presenting with Run Free Alliance were representatives from Cruelty Free International, Animal Aid, Royal Veterinary College, Understanding Animal Research and Marshall BioResouces. Whilst speakers came from both sides of the fence in animal testing, it was an informative and respectful event.

We will be working hard on twitter and facebook,  getting those signatures, all 100k of them, so your help would be invaluable , shares and Re-tweets on the following links would be very appreciated. 

Twitter : @UKRunFree

We will keep you updated.

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